WordPress 2.3 Beta 3

WordPress 2.3 Beta 3 went out last night. We had quite a bit of activity since beta 2, with lots of bugs getting fixed. Beta 3 should be that much more solid and polished. Thanks to those who tried the betas and joined the bug hunts.

We’re on track for our first Release Candidate next Monday. Until then we’ll be triaging bugs and eliminating those that are deemed release blockers. The last bug hunt before releasing the RC will be on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 17:00:00 UTC time.

WordPress 2.3 Beta 2

2.3 Beta 2 is now available. We’ve been very active since beta 1. Over 70 commits went into the repository in the past week with many bugs being fixed. New and improved AtomPub was introduced as were tag importers for Jerome’s Keywords and Simple Tagging Plugin.

Thanks to those who joined us for last week’s bug hunt. We’re having another on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 17:00:00 UTC time in the #wordpress-bugs channel.