Consumerism and Coping

They offer the AirPods Max in pink, thus they got me. I am susceptible to the allure of pink headphones to go with my pink watch band and pink MagSafe case. I usually don’t go for engraving, but I picked my emoji moniker for these. Given the importance of headphones to me, these feel especially personal.

Justification mode: Noise-cancelling headphones are part of my sensory kit that help me cope with an intense world. Hopefully, these will be long-term life companions. I currently carry AirPods Pro and ear plugs with me everywhere (in either a wrist wallet or bum bag). I also often have a pair of noise-cancelling over-ear headphones looped around my neck. When I have in-ears and over-ears with me, I feel safer and more prepared. I’ve been meaning to upgrade my over-ears to a pair that have the conveniences of my AirPods and the H1 chip, which are little accessibility boons. I’m glad I held out for the rumored over-ear AirPods.