Incoming Pen, Paper, and Ink

Here’s a quick shot of the latest haul. I now own the obligatory Vanishing Point. Very nice. I got it with a broad nib for a change of pace. I also got a 1.1mm stub italic nib for my TWSBI 580. As for the Midori refills and accessories, I’m making a vegan traveler’s notebook. Time to get handy with some faux leather and canvas.


Incoming Pen, Paper, and Ink

Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, TWSBI Diamond 580

Here are the Pilot Metropolitan with the CON-50 piston converter and the stock squeeze converter,  the Lamy Safari with the Z24 converter, and the TWSBI Diamond 580. For ~ US$100 you can get three really great beginner fountain pens that will let you have fun with cartridges and bottled ink and different nibs. The TWSBI is loaded with Pilot Iroshizuki Yama-guri (Wild Chestnut) ink. I’d like to add a Kaweco AL Sport to this lineup.

Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, TWSBI Diamond 580