Letter to my Representatives on Trump and Confederate Romanticism

With his latest tweets, President Trump openly wraps Confederate romanticism and slavery apologia in a full frontal embrace. Are you with him? If not, establish distance with outspoken condemnation. Subtweets are craven and insufficient.

Many white families are calling out their bigoted members, mine included. This is a time of reckoning with white resentment and grievance. This is a time of reckoning for the politicians those bigoted family members elected.

So, are you with President Trump? Are you with this Nazi sympathizer lost in reverie of a despicable past? With an anguished nation, we watch for your response.

Letter to My Representatives on Charlottesville, Bannon, Gorka, and Miller

Thank you for speaking out on the events in Charlottesville. Our country is grappling for its soul. We are rotting from within. Three of our biggest festering wounds are in the White House. Bannon, Gorka, and Miller are open and avowed bigots who feature prominently in the minds and rhetoric of the Nazis and supremacists we see gathered in Charlottesville. We need only look at sites like Storm Front and the Daily Stormer to see what their presence in the White House and their proximity to POTUS means to these hateful groups. Bannon, Gorka, and Miller share vocabulary, mindset, and goals with these groups. These three men do not belong in the White House. Please use your power and influence to see them dismissed and discredited. This is a necessary act of healing as we mourn the loss of a fellow citizen peacefully exercising her rights and duties. She was run down by someone who saw her as less than human. This mentality of dehumanization is bolstered and metastasized from on high. Remove them before more die.