The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”

Our own Ronan is releasing an album. Ronan is lyricist for Josephmooon. You can read the story of their distributed collaboration on their blog:

These songs resonate with my autistic, bipolar, and disabled life. I’m super excited to add them to my favorite playlist, Chronic Neurodivergent Depressed Queer Punk: Punk Rock, the Social Model of Disability, and the Dream of the Accepting Community, where they will become part of my everyday coping.

The album “So Far So Good” will be available on streaming platforms on Oct 1. Preview and pre-order on iTunes.

Listen now, and then read ‘The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”’ over at Stimpunks for my interpretation of these songs and how they resonate with my life as a neurodivergent and physically disabled person. I share lyrics from each song and relate them to my own, and the broader, neurodivergent experience using selected quotes from community writing.

”William Shatner is at it again.”

”William Shatner is at it again.”

That warning regularly goes up in autistic communities. William Shatner has blocked many of us on Twitter, myself included, but still makes time to QT hate our way.

William Shatner is spending the remains of his days habitually shitting on marginalized people. He should recall his cover of “Common People”.

‘Cause everybody hates a tourist

Especially one who, who thinks it’s all such a laugh

That’s your ignorant self traipsing through our space, Shatner.

Here’s some background on this moribund reactionary with a dangerous lack of research skills:

It’s a strange world, after all: Orac vs. The Shat and fake news over…Autism Speaks? – RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

I am well and truly done with Mr. Shatner. I unfollowed and blocked him, to lessen the chances that I might be tempted to re-engage with him.

I was too, but he keeps on shitting on us. The most nerve-racking and traumatizing Autism Acceptance Month ever just ended, and Shatner is dragging it into May.

You will never understand

How it feels to live your life

With no meaning or control

And with nowhere left to go

You are amazed that they exist

And they burn so bright whilst you can only wonder why

Source: Pulp – Common People Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Rina Sawayama and Dua Lipa: Anthemic, Buoyant Joy at the Tiny Desk

Rina Sawayama and Dua Lipa bring anthemic, buoyant joy and soaring feels in their Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts. They, their bands, the audio engineers, the stylists, and everyone involved nailed it on these two productions. If you need a lift, try this pairing:

Every song is great, but the two heart-swelling, tingle-inducing anthems Chosen Family (starting at 9:40) and Love Again (starting at 7:47) are the ones I play over and over and over.

That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

—Dua Lipa

Likewise. Thanks for that.