Rina Sawayama and Dua Lipa: Anthemic, Buoyant Joy at the Tiny Desk

Rina Sawayama and Dua Lipa bring anthemic, buoyant joy and soaring feels in their Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts. They, their bands, the audio engineers, the stylists, and everyone involved nailed it on these two productions. If you need a lift, try this pairing:

Every song is great, but the two heart-swelling, tingle-inducing anthems Chosen Family (starting at 9:40) and Love Again (starting at 7:47) are the ones I play over and over and over.

That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

—Dua Lipa

Likewise. Thanks for that.

Unchosen Family

So many people around the world are not accepted by their parents or their family for who they are.

Source: Rina Sawayama: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert – YouTube

Here’s a heart-strumming rendition of “Chosen Family” from Rina Sawayama (starting at 8:29).

Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine

I’m all ears, take your time, we’ve got all night

Show me the rivers crossed, the mountains scaled

Show me who made you walk all the way here

Our unchosen family are the rivers crossed and the mountains scaled. They are who made us not just walk, but trudge, all the way here. They chose bigotry and rejected moral autonomy, and us.

We collected chosen family along the way, better family by far.

We don’t need to be related to relate

We don’t need to share genes or a surname

You are, you are

My chosen, chosen family

So what if we don’t look the same?

We been going through the same pain, yeah

You are, you are

My chosen, chosen family

Source: Rina Sawayama – Chosen Family Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

To all those stuck with or cast out by unchosen family, wondering where they belong.


Jubilation of the Nones

There’s something very hopeful and uplifting about a Wembley stadium crowd massing together to sing “There is no God”. Here’s some jubilation for the nones who left toxic religion for secular humanism.

Step out of the darkness and onto the streets

Forget about the fast, let’s have a carnival feast

Raise up your lowered head and hear the liberation beat

Because there never was no God

There is no God

So clap your hands together

There is no God

No heaven and no hell

There is no God

We’re all in this together

There is no God

So ring that victory bell

Source: Frank Turner – Glory Hallelujah Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I’ve played the album version countless times to recharge.