Jubilation of the Nones

There’s something very hopeful and uplifting about a Wembley stadium crowd massing together to sing “There is no God”. Here’s some jubilation for the nones who left toxic religion for secular humanism.

Step out of the darkness and onto the streets

Forget about the fast, let’s have a carnival feast

Raise up your lowered head and hear the liberation beat

Because there never was no God

There is no God

So clap your hands together

There is no God

No heaven and no hell

There is no God

We’re all in this together

There is no God

So ring that victory bell

Source: Frank Turner – Glory Hallelujah Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I’ve played the album version countless times to recharge.

Trinity of Toxic Nonsense: White Supremacy, Misogyny, and Purity Culture

When the latest mass-murdering white man mentioned “sex addiction”, he revealed the flavor of fascism he sups. This act is indelibly stamped with white evangelical culture. Evangelical churches all over America teach a toxic trinity of white supremacy, misogyny, and purity culture that repeatedly come to a head in killers’ heads.

The moment I read that the man who confessed to the murders was the son of a youth pastor who told police he had a “sex addiction,” however, it struck me that we must not ignore the specifically evangelical Protestant contours of this story.

One of the most significant conclusions Grubbs’ research points to, however, is that conservative Christian men are prone to believe that they have pornography or sex “addictions,” even when they do not.

If Long is telling the truth about his desire to “eliminate” the “temptations”-that is, women-that he claims exacerbated his “sex addiction,” it’s likely that he learned to think of himself this way, and to objectify women, in church. In evangelical institutional environments such as churches and Christian schools, discussions of sex are usually steeped in purity culture, that is a complex of beliefs and practices associated with an unhealthy fear of sexuality and intense pressure to remain “pure”-that is, sexually inexperienced-before marriage. I am among the many ex-evangelicals who were essentially coerced into signing “purity pledges” in the 1990s, which is just one of the many manipulative practices associated with purity culture.

Source: Don’t Discount Evangelicalism as a Factor in Racist Murder of Asian Spa Workers in Georgia | Religion Dispatches

Far from being an essential feature of historic Christianity, the popular purity teachings of today are a result of white anxiety around being able to produce enough well-behaved Christian babies to remain in charge of Western society. This relatively recent soup we’re all swimming in is the basis of the modern purity movement—or what many people refer to as purity culture.

Purity culture is a direct path to sexual shame. Different people respond differently to purity culture, and often our privilege insulates us from consequences that people with less privilege have no choice but to internalize. So not everyone will be carrying ten tons of baggage with them into adulthood. But almost everyone who grew up in purity culture exhibits signs or attitudes of sexual shame. And sexual shame is one of the main things that leads churches into silence when someone is abused in their midst.

We can look at the role culture plays in abuse while also holding abusers ultimately and finally accountable for their actions. Abuse is always the fault of the abuser, and the culture of a church will either reward or punish abusive behavior—attract it or repel it. Purity culture is fundamentally complicit in abuse.

Source: #ChurchToo: How Purity Culture Upholds Abuse and How to Find Healing | Broadleaf Books

White Evangelical Racism tells a concise history of the evangelical movement and—here is the hard part—the racist and racial elements that imbue its beliefs, practices, and social and political activism. It is racism that binds and blinds many white American evangelicals to the vilification of Muslims, Latinos, and African Americans. It is racism that impels many evangelicals to oppose immigration and turn a blind eye to children in cages at the border. It is racism that fuels evangelical Islamophobia. It was evangelical acceptance of biblically sanctioned racism that motivated believers to separate and sell families during slavery and to march with the Klan. Racist evangelicals shielded cross burners, protected church burners, and participated in lynchings. Racism is a feature, not a bug, of American evangelicalism.

“To a great extent, the evangelical church in America supported the status quo. It supported slavery; it supported segregation; it preached against any attempt of the black man to stand on his own two feet.” These words, uttered in 1970 by Tom Skinner—the son of a Black preacher and a former gang member turned evangelist—still ring true today.

Evangelicals’ support for current-day policies that seem draconian and unchristian is linked inescapably to a foundational history that we will uncover in this book. American history chronicles evangelical support for and participation in racist structures in America. Skinner got it right.

Source: White Evangelical Racism | Anthea Butler | University of North Carolina Press

Selected tweets from relevant experts:

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Ask me about my pluralist agenda

I got a coffee mug to pair with my “Militant Inclusionista” shirt.

“Ask me about my pluralist agenda” from Chrissy Stroop.

A white coffee mug with black text reads: Ask me about my pluralist agenda. Beneath that, blue text reads: NotYourMissionField.com
A white coffee mug with black text reads: Ask me about my pluralist agenda. Beneath that, blue text reads: NotYourMissionField.com

Pluralism rocks.

Emracing Pluralism Is Good Citizenship: Democracy Demands Equal Accommodation
Emracing Pluralism Is Good Citizenship: Democracy Demands Equal Accommodation

Source: Infographics – Not Your Mission Field

Via: A Personal Update and Some Thoughts on Pluralism – Not Your Mission Field