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Some of the Rick & Morty marketing folks were on a recent episode of Harmontown. They mentioned that Cindy Gallop is changing the ad industry with her diversity and inclusion work. I was unaware of her efforts—a blind spot—so I checked out some of her talks and joints to catch up.

10 habits to change a country | TEDxAcademy

  • The business model of the future is all about doing good and making money simultaneously.
  • Shared values plus shared action equals shared profit—financial profit and social profit.
  • When you identify your values, it makes life so much simpler.
  • Shared values is the key to success for any business.
  • Shared values does not mean shared thinking.
  • Fear of what other people will think is the single most paralyzing dynamic in business and in life. You will never own the future if you care what other people will think.
  • Action is key, because action is transformative.
  • When you do something it makes you feel completely differently about yourself and what you’re capable of.
  • The key to action is micro actions.
  • Change happens from the bottom up.
  • Micro actions from the bottom up
  • How can shared action create shared profit? We make more together than we do apart.
  • Collaborative competition – everyone competing by all doing the same thing
  • Competitive collaboration – when we come together and collab to make things better for all of us in a way we don’t see currently. Rising tide lifts all boats premise.
  • Competitive collaboration > collaborative competition
  • Don’t do good by writing checks to clear conscience. Make money because you do good.
  • When you can create a business that does good and makes money simultaneously, you have your own resources and own funds to draw on to scale and create an ever bigger impact.
  • Women challenge the status quo because we are never it.
  • Diversity drives innovation.
  • True innovation, true disruption is the result of many different mindsets, perspective, insights, worldviews, all coming together in constructive creative conflict to get to a far better place that none of us could have gotten to on our own.
  • Female perspectives are critical within that, because there’s a huge amount of money to be made out of taking women seriously.
    • Women buy. Primary purchasers and primary influencers of purchase in every single product sector.
    • Women share.
  • Openness and honesty around sex is what leads to better human connections, better relationships, and better lives.
  • What are your sexual values?
  • Healthy personal and national sexual values improve productivity and creativity.
  • Micro act together. Create enormous impact at scale.

Women and People of Color in Advertising, Here’s What You Do Next

  • Start your own agency. Start something that gives you agency.
  1. You don’t need money to start the agency of the future.
    • The great thing about working in a service industry is that all you need is your brain. You don’t need an office. You can work remotely.
    • In the gig economy, all the resources you need are in your own network.
    • Identity your minimum viable cost of living.
    • Our industry is very good at persuading us we have to live at a certain level.
  2. Know that you’re extremely good at things you don’t know you’re extremely good at.
  3. Blue sky it. What do YOU really want to do?
    • Look around you? What is missing that should be there. What would you love to have, but nobody’s doing it? What can you uniquely create?
      • What have you always wanted to do?
  4. Design your business to be the way that you want to work
    • Identity what you love doing and the conditions under which you love doing it.
    • Design an opportunity, a job, a venture around those things.
  5. Design your business model to be the way you want to make money
    • Your business model can be anything you want it to be.
    • How would I like to make money? Because I can guarantee you, that you do not want to make money the way our industry currently makes money.
    • You do no want to operate on the premise of timesheets.
    • The value we deliver is not about the amount of time spent.
  6. Design your business from day one to one day ultimately make a lot of money
    • We do not get taken seriously as women unless get taken seriously financially.
    • True for every other diversity group in our industry.
    • The moment you prove you can start making money, you get taken seriously.
    • Diversity drives the creativity that makes a huge amount of money.
    • Reinvest that money in the rest of us.
  7. You can start the agency of the future alongside your current job
    • Start putting what you want to do out there. Start blogging. Start tweeting. Share your thoughts on social media. Start building a community of like minded people around your idea. That’s how you test it in the marketplace, get early proof of concept.
  8. Plenty of people want to fund your business
  9. Your clients are all around you
  10. Make it real

There is a huge amount of money to be made out of taking women seriously.

Make Love Not Porn

MakeLoveNotPorn is a Cindy Gallop production. I date younger men, usually in their 20s, and came up with the idea for MakeLoveNotPorn based on direct personal experience. I launched MakeLoveNotPorn at TED 2009: TED 2009: Make Love not Porn followed by an interview with me on the TEDBlog. Here is a talk I gave recently at the L2 GenerationNext Forum that expands on how this is the single biggest impact that technology is having on human behavior today.

I would like to stress the following:

  • MakeLoveNotPorn is not about judgement, or what is good vs what is bad. Sex is the area of human experience that embraces the widest possible range of tastes. Everyone should be free to make up their own mind about what they do and don’t like.
  • MakeLoveNotPorn is not anti-porn. I like porn and watch it regularly myself.
  • MakeLoveNotPorn is simply intended to help inspire and stimulate open, healthy conversations about sex and pornography, in order to help inspire and stimulate more open, healthy and thoroughly enjoyable sexual relationships.

Source: Make Love Not Porn :: Porn World vs. Real World


Gender Balanced Writers’ Room

BTW, season three of Rick & Morty has a gender balanced writers’ room. Harmontown talks about diversity, inclusion, and identity often, including D&I in Hollywood.

“We hired a bunch of new writers,” Dan Harmon told Den of Geek in an exclusive interview. “There was a craving for a gender balance in the writers’ room that we had never had, but I’m also very proud of the fact that we didn’t compromise ourselves following that craving. We just looked harder and I don’t know if it was coincidence or because the show was popping up on the radar of a lot of great female writers noticing, ‘Well, they don’t have any women writers in there. I’m gonna submit something.’ It was probably a combination of all those factors.”

Source: Rick and Morty Season 3 Release Date, Preview Trailer, Interviews And More | Den of Geek