WordPress 2.6.1

2.6.1 is out.  Thanks for testing.  The beta releases had very good download numbers, and the helpful responses in the comments and on the bug tracker were great.

16 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6.1

  1. Well, I’d have to say having tested 2.6 on several blogs, its been a breeze. Nothing happened and that could only count as a good thing. Gonna update all my sites to 2.6.1 tonight.

    One thing though, I’ve yet to try out Gears …


  2. Hello Ryan

    Thank you and all the WordPress developers for this awesome software. I have not seen much that comes close to comparison.

    I tested the beta and just loaded 2.6.1 out on one of my sites. I have seen a few issues reported on podpress that still seems to be a problem on IE7. This came up when I installed 2.6 over a 2.5 installation. My site called http://www.magithebook.com is a fresh install of 2.6.1 beta with 2.6.1 new release update on top. I still see the IE7 bug. As many pointed out in the forum, this is not a problem in Fire Fox.



  3. With so many features and functions built into this release of WordPress, it’s hard to believe that there’s still room for more development. Despite the amount of growth this platform has enjoyed, it’s still remarkably easy for new people to get a site and start posting content.

    Thanks to the WordPress team for all their great work 🙂


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