Enough of us have come together to carry all of us forward.

Enough of us have come together to carry all of us forward.

Source: Joe Biden’s inauguration speech – Washington Post

That line from President Biden’s inauguration speech stood out to me. It offers a concisely tempered hope that excites momentum. There are so many professionals itching to do the work of civilization after a four year assault on it by unprofessionals. Carry forward. There are enough of us.

The Dream Worked: Retired from Automattic after Fifteen Years and Two Months

Fifteen years and two months.

I retired from Automattic last week after fifteen years and two months, relegating myself to an advisor operating outside the company firewall. From 4 people in 2 countries to 1,332 people in 77 countries speaking 99 different languages. What a ride.

Being relieved of duty feels good. I need to be outside the firewall to truly rest as my health demands. I’m also outside a support system fifteen years in the making, including a Neurodiversity ERG that is dear to me. That doesn’t feel good, but I’m leaning on my other systems and stabilizing.

Cheers to all Automatticians past and present. Teamwork made the dream work.

Sensory Share: Cringemata, Hyper-empathy Paresthesia Beams, and Expressions of Overwhelm

An entry in my personal sensory dictionary is “cringemata”.

Cringemata: cringe + stigmata

A sustained sensation of cringe in the palms and soles alike to being on the edge of a sneeze that never quite comes.

CW: woeful medical context

I am hypersensory to light touch pretty much everywhere. Waves of paresthesia suffuse me. My muscles boil with fasciculations and cramp until they tear. My cringe reflex is hair-triggered and puts me on the floor. I’m a sensory cuttlefish and haywire neurological mess living on Baclofen.

Amidst that soup of sensation, my palms and soles can burst through like beacons. The cringe-sneeze sensation is an insistent tickling that builds to overwhelming without release.

There’s also the palm paresthesia beam sensation. It’s not as overwhelming as the cringe-sneeze and sometimes makes me feel like I’ve developed a mutant power that allows me to beam the hyper-empathy and hyper-sensation I feel out through my palms.

Anyone relate to any of that? Fellow autistics and SPDers, how does your body express overwhelm?