My name is Ryan Boren. I am a retired software developer, former lead developer of WordPress, and emeritus at Automattic. I live in Dripping Springs Texas at the Irie Smial Preserve amidst a familial motley of non-compliant, neurodivergent garage hobbits. I blog about equity literate education, respectfully connected parenting, passion-based learning, indie ed-tech, neurodiversity, social model of disability, design for real life, inclusion, open web, and open source. I do most of my writing these days over at Stimpunks Foundation, a nonprofit by and for neurodivergent and disabled people.

Check Twitter for my heartbeat. That’s where I hang out the most.

Some things about me

  • autistic
  • disabled
  • autigender
  • pansexual
  • vegetarian
  • atheist
  • parent
  • he/they