My August Blogging

Almost all of my blogging for August was on Stimpunks. That’s where my DEI, neurodiversity, and disability blogging will happen for now. will be for SpIns, for personal news, and for toxic Christianity and Texas politics through my particular set of lenses.

Fostering healthy pluralism, which democracy demands, means confronting intolerance.


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August at Stimpunks: Our Blogging, Our Reading, Our Giving

In the Queue

  • We Long to Belong: In Search of Psychological Safety
  • Being Legible: Legibility as Social Status, Situational Privilege, and Belonging
  • Try Again: Mercy is Necessary to Learner Safety
  • Online Classes Are an Equity Requirement: If Opening Schools Is About Equity, Why Aren’t We Listening to Those Most Impacted?
  • Vestibular Issues with Parallax Scrolling and Transition Animations
  • Psychological Safety in Families
  • The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”
  • It’s Not Rocket Science: Considering and Meeting the Sensory Needs of Autistic Children and Young People
  • Craft, Flow, and Cognitive Styles
  • Equity Versus Equality
  • It’s About Equity
  • Accessible, Equity Literate Care
  • Disability Dongles and Cultural Engagement
  • Wheelchair Flow Patrol
  • The Bipartisanship of Behaviorism
  • Practicing Pluralism: Minority Stress, Harm Reduction, and Triage
  • Accommodations and Emotional Bids in Neurodiverse Relationships
  • Taking Control of the Mask: Unmasking as a Spoiled Identity

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