We Need a Bug Day

We need a bug day on IRC where we triage the tracker and bump off as many bugs as we can.  We have some bugs that are already fixed, some that shouldn’t be fixed, some that have almost-there patches, some that need discussion, and some that are incomprehensible.  I’d like to go down the list of bugs and make as many determinations as we can.  Hopefully we can match bugs with people willing to fix them.

Maybe we could do this after one of the Wednesday Meetups.

8 thoughts on “We Need a Bug Day

  1. Is there a Bay Area Meetup anymore? I thought I saw something about it expiring.

    When would said bug hunt start (Pacific Time) I might be able to pitch in, if my wife is still at school.

    I’ve almost caught up on the developer list, only 2968 more messages to read 🙂

  2. There is no longer a regular meetup, at least none that I know of.

    If we do Bug Day following the Wednesday IRC Meetup, we’ll probably start around 3PM Pacific.

  3. Skippy and I try to help sort stuff out as much as we can, but there’s a lot of stuff that we simply aren’t qualified or authorized to make final judgments on. Sometimes I’ll think “wow, that’s the worst feature suggestion EVAR,” but I don’t always feel comfortable unilaterally closing the bug.

    Having scheduled collaborative bug triage would be beneficial, as there could be instant feedback from multiple people.

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