BlackBerry 8700c

After several proddings from Matt, I picked up a BlackBerry 8700c. I’m usually not too keen on such devices, but I rather like the UI and click-wheel on the 8700. I especially like the fact that it is still usable as a phone. The address book is very accessible, and I like the layout of the call log. Calls are clear, and the speaker phone is pretty good. As for the net functions, I can read my email fairly efficiently and even blog (this post was written on the BB’s web browser). I’ve found that I actually use the task list on the 8700, something I often disregard immediately on other devices. And as a nice bonus, Google Local for Mobile really kicks ass on this thing.

The main draw for me is the keyboard, click-wheel, escape key input combination. They interact very nicely with the UI and are loaded with nice conveniences. I can actually use this thing. The features and the speedy EDGE network mean nothing without usability.

On the downside, this will be yet another chain enslaving me to the servers. Curse you Matt. 🙂

7 thoughts on “BlackBerry 8700c

  1. So tell me a bit about the data plans from Cingular…does the “Blackberry Unlimited” cover all the data transactions (e-mail, www, ssh, etc.) or is it just e-mail?? Their website makes it sound like only e-mail. So does that mean I need voice, e-mail and an additional data plan for non-email?? Confusing…

  2. Here is a tip. Leave the Blackberry on vibrate… the lady in your life will thank you for it, especially if she sleeps late. 😉

    He talked me into it too actually. I’m going to look at a dag 8700 too today because the Treo usability isn’t for me.

    First Tantek, now you, then me… it’s a conspiracy I tell ya! A conspiracy!

  3. I have it set to vibrate on email, and I get a lot, so it’s always vibrating. Really have to figure that one out. The internet connectivtiy is nice.

  4. I’m think about the BB Perl but I haven’t seem one yet, they are only available on O2 here in Ireland which is a bit of a bumper.

    A friend has the 8700 and fine’s it a bit slow

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