WordPress 2.3 Delivered, 2.4 on Deck

WordPress 2.3 arrived a couple days ago. Reception has been very positive, and most people seem pleased with it.  As expected, plugin compatibility due to the schema changes caused some grief. Two very popular plugins that need to be upgraded when moving to 2.3 are Google Sitemaps and Extended Live Archives. If you have one of those plugins, please be sure to upgrade to the latest version.

This being a major release with lots of changes, some little bugs have popped up. We’re fixing them as they come in and targeting them for an eventual 2.3.1 release. A release date for 2.3.1 has not yet been set, but we typically follow a major release with a “dot one” bug fix release within a month or so. You can watch the activity on the 2.3.1 milestone to see what bugs are being reported and fixed. If you have any problems with 2.3, please report them so we can get them fixed.

With 2.3 done, we’ve started work on 2.4. This is the exciting phase of development where we get to work on new features, and 2.4 promises to have lots of new features. Whereas 2.3 had more of an infrastructure focus, 2.4 looks like it will focus on UI and user experience. I’m excited about the features being pitched for 2.4. There’ll be more on that as the feature list is finalized and the designs and code start to flow. For now I’ll leave you with the tease of cool things to come.

47 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 Delivered, 2.4 on Deck

  1. I’d love to see for 2.4, a way to customize the wp-admin area… or at the very least be able to remove functions from view/loading by preferences to speed up the ui a lot more.

  2. Will there be anymore work on the 2.2.x branch?

    Exciting news about UI and user experience.

    I agree with Mark Penix about having more control over how the admin area looks and ways to speed up load times.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Well I am going to participate more than ever for this development, I am excited about the new interface for starters. But I’m so excited I kind of wished I didn’t look at track at all so to save the excitement :p

  4. Howdy

    Not quite sure this is the right place…

    Until last week, the copy/paste option for widgets at .com was working. Now, it is not. I’ve checked the forums, there is discussion there, but no resolution. (http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=16005&page&replies=39 )

    I’ve tried to submit feedback through the link above, alas, cannot do.

    I’m assuming it’s a (new) bug as I have tested it on a few machines and work, it wont. 😉

    Please put me out of my misery (and the frustrated lot in the forums) and tell us it is a bug so we can move on without it until the next patch arrives.

  5. Make it easier to insert video codes without losing the codes when switched over to VISUAL mode.

    Also, when copy/paste writeups where there are spaces between the data, and then center-aligning it, after saving it, wordpress automatically inserts nbsp codes in between the spaces, making the visual appearance of between the paragraphs larger.

  6. It’s kind of takes the wind out of my sails to see that 2.4 is around the corner. It gives me the impression of OH KNOW GOING TO HAVE TO UPGRADE AGAIN SOON. But in the long rung, I would much rather update on a monthly basis which would fix bugs and security vulnerabilities instead of using one version for an extended amount of time.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with the admin area – its quite customisable already if you bother looking.

    There have been a lot of strides taken in terms of image handling, but if it were my choice I’d like to see more happen in that regard. Tighter integration, more flexible management in terms of the ability to apply class attributes automatically for images of X size but not for images of Y size, an option to alternate left and right floats automagically, etc etc. People are tending to include more media in their blog posts, and really whiz-bang image handling seems like the logical place to start.

  8. Great news about 2.4.

    I would like to see a list of the files that changed when a new item is released so that upgrading will only involve replacing those files…

  9. James,

    I don’t think that 2.4 will directly incorporate the shuttle admin, but certainly I beleive will be a big leap forward towards it, as it is I see WP has a few little bits of shuttle in it already, but the most noticeable difference is the login screen.

  10. Just a thought: I made a post on my About page, and when I hit publish, it went through without any of my new paragraphs, meaning that I had hit enter to make a new paragraph, but when I hit publish, the paragraph tags didn’t go through. And opening it back up shows it all run together, and even in code view. Why can’t code view and wysiwyg view work right?! LOL. Shouldn’t the paragraph tags, invisible in wysiwyg, translate? Why do I lose the formatting? Is this a 2.3 issue, or has it always existed, or more importantly, am I doing something wrong?

  11. I had to “upgrade” my SQL database with the installation of 2.3, which seemed to go quickly using my site host’s backend GUI. Did get a seemingly harmless database error message that appeared in the categories box on the compose entry page, but it went away when I deleted the affected category, so there’s no point to reporting it as a bug. If it were one, someone else has probably already reported it by now, anyway.

    Look forward to the new features of 2.4. It would be nice to be able to upload pictures directly to a blog, rather than linking to a URL somewhere (think Blogger or Xanga functionality here, both of which also use, but not on my own domain).

    Yeah, I know . . . teal deer (tl;dr).

  12. Great to hear about 2.4. I upgraded to 2.3 within 2 hours of release and it was worth it (and remarkably painless). The addition of Tags was great… now implement a better way to manage them! 😉

  13. 2.3 upgrade went smoothly. Thanks!

    If I could wish for one thing for 2.whatever it would be: a visual cue to make it more obvious for a beginner whether they’re writing a post or a page. That seems to be the main problem my clients have when learning to use WordPress. They get confused, bless.

  14. “With 2.3 done, we’ve started work on 2.4”

    I hope “done” means “we aren’t adding any more features”, considering:

    2.3.1 isn’t even out yet.

    2.2.3 still has bugs listed in Trac.

  15. @Viper007Bond – i’m not talking about reskinning, just modularizing the entire admin panel (admin options where you can remove features from EVERY page in the admin panel that you don’t wish to see or use).

    P.S. – I really do agree with the above comments regarding the uploads…

    Better upload management should be a mainstay in the focus on 2.4.

    P.P.S. Where is the tag management? Seems ridiculous to have to edit posts if you want to rename a tag or remove them completely.

  16. I’d like to see more AJAX features (like an embedded LIVE search funtion (that can also be disabled should you not want it)).

    Also the ability to disable certain plugins for specific users/groups

  17. For mine, I’m really keen to see jQuery pushed on the admin side. There is so much more that can be done with it to make the UI more AJAXy and, well, simple.

    Do you guys have John Resig and others helping you with ideas and input?


  18. I’m using your Custom Posts per Page plugin (if it really is an official plugin???). Will this one work with 2.3? I really can’t miss it because I also use monthly archives that show all posts in that month, together with the Next/Previous Archive plugin by ScriptyGoddess.

  19. As regards 2.4, I would personally wait until SixApart release the GPL version of MT4, and then steal their user interface (well, not ‘steal’ since it’s GPLd ofc). Although I love WordPress in every other respect, MT’s UI is much nicer looking.

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