WordPress 2.6 Beta 3

Almost there.  We have one more week to go before the final release of 2.6.  Until then, try out Beta 3.  New since Beta 2:

  • Image captions
  • Yet more inline documentation
  • “Add Media” buttons for the RTE full-screen mode
  • Theme Preview fixes
  • Gallery sorting fixes
  • I18N fixes

See the full list of changes since Beta 2.

Get Beta 3.

61 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6 Beta 3

  1. after upgrading to wordpress-2.6-beta2, all the chinese characters in my blog are messed up, im scared to upgrade to beta 3. anyone know how to fix? many thanks.


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  3. Great work guys, really appreciate it but think im going to wait for the official release! In terms of security fixes or additions what can we expect?


  4. Seems that there is problem again with “/index.php/%postname%/” permalink structure like it was with version 2.5.

    Glad I did’nt upgrade my main site. 😦


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  6. Hmm. I’m using the K2 theme with the latest SVN version of WordPress, but sidebar manager is not really working. I would think the problem is with WP 2.6 as it’s ok with WP 2.5, do you have any idea what happens?


  7. It’s a lot of work put into the these changes. When it ain’t broke why fix it? I think these updates are becoming too frequent.

    Rather than having quarterly upgrade how about halving that time-frame? I think that would give users more time to learn the old one before rolling out the new. It would be nice if this comment is passed on to Matt as well.

    Thanks for your great work.


  8. Ryan, no, I’m not using custom WP_CONTENT_URL. The problem may be somewhere around /wp-content/themes/k2/app/includes/sbm-direct.php as an AJAX request to this file gives back a login page (after drag’n’dropping an item to the sidebar and after clicking the (i) icon of an item). I had no time to debug what happens in the background. Maybe it’s something about my system, maybe a plugin cause this problem, I don’t know (I’ve tried it with r8301, currently it’s r8306). But others have problem like this as well: http://www.killjoy.net/2008/07/04/issue-with-k2-theme-and-wordpress-26-beta1/


  9. András, 2.6 does not send authentication cookies to the wp-content directory. AJAX requests need to be sent through admin-ajax.php and handled with a function attached to the admin_ajax_{action} action.


  10. This is really great, I love the captions, let’s hope they are slightly more configurable. But it seems like CSS can do all the things I need…


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