2.7: Getting Ready for Public Beta

WordPress 2.7 is in feature freeze as of October 13th.  The direction of the visual design is now set.  From this point one we’ll be triaging and fixing bugs and implementing the new visuals in an effort to get the first public beta of 2.7 ready.  While waiting for beta, here are some 2.7 resources to check out.

30 thoughts on “2.7: Getting Ready for Public Beta

  1. Ryan, what about setting up a page where plugin authors might post information about the compatibility of their products?

    This is something I’m going to want to know before I adopt the public beta or the final release.

    Or is there one already?


  2. MacBlogz.com uses WordPress. We absolutely love it. Have never looked back. Love the WP community and will continue to support it.

    Thank you so much to everyone involved.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Can’t wait.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Was testing it out and discovered that ozh admin drop down menu will not work with wp2.7.

    The left navigation panel in 2.7 latest build totally disappear and there appears to be no way to access the plugin panel to disable ozh-admin-dropdown menu, or simply any panels in wp2.7 if ozh is enabled.

    Just a headsup. In other words, I think, users must disable ozh before attempting to install 2.7 (if they do have ozh installed).


  4. Jeeezum, that wp-2.7-almost-beta is pretty poor to me because I cannot able to get into dashboard, main page of plugin list, theme list, and so on the list. I understand that it’s almost in process of beta version but I already tested lots of them and end up with several problems. Oh well…..

  5. I have to admit – new look is slick and useful. I did find one problem after running sync with repository yesterday – link to view blog in new window is gone from admin panel 🙂

    I’m sure it will be fixed but still.

    Also I though an option to install theme easily from admin interface will be provided? I still don’t see it. Would be nice to have, just like Plugins install was implemented.

  6. I love the new design.

    I agree with Gene,

    I find really hard to maintain the compatibility of a plugin for both versions 2.6.x & 2.7.

    So i will publish on wordpress.org the dedicated version of my plugin for wp 2.7.

    Will there be a dedicated place for these ?

    Does the wordpress detection for an automatic plugin upgrade currently detect that the last version of a plugin is compliant with the version of the running wordpress ?

    btw, function “get_attached_file” is bugged on 2.7 (cannot import my wordpress xml test content into 2.7)

  7. My last attempt got caught in the moderation queue.

    For plugins, we have pages in the WordPress codex for compatibility.

    For 2.7, that is at codex.wordpress.org/Plugins/Plugin_Compatibility/2.7 (hoping that slips through the spam trap 🙂 )

  8. Damn ! WordPress is getting faster and faster i cant keep up lol why interface change so soon ? but still better overall looks kinda mac’ish 😉

  9. The new admin pages look fantastic! I have to admit that I have been avoiding my admin panel ever since upgrading to 2.6.2 from 2.3.x.

  10. I like the new design.

    Only one caveat. I notice that when uploading picture, two other size of pictures will be created. It is a nice feature.

    However, sometimes we need to publish a picture as is.

    Perhaps it’s good if the feature is optional (while uploading the picture).

    I also notice that this problem also occur when uploading pictures through a blog editor such as Windows Live Writer.


  11. Will version 2.7 fix the issue that many 2.6 users are experiencing (myself included) where we cannot login to our own admin areas?

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