100,000 in 20

100,000 downloads of WordPress 2.7 in 20 hours, and the pace is picking up.

2.7 100K

43 thoughts on “100,000 in 20

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Congrats on the 2.7 release.

    I saw in the SVN log that you originally committed the new comment API. I had been waning to write an app that alerted me to new comments (I run quite a few wordpress system for many people) and that API finally made it possible. I have release the app as freeware: http://www.wpnotifier.com

    Thanks for your efforts. The API may not be glamorous but I appreciate your work.

  2. Holy smokes! And I thought I was beating the crowd.

    Installed slick as a whistle. You guys have done a fantastic job! Thank you all very much.

  3. Does that exclude the automatic upgrade from wordpress panel? If that excludes, then this is seriously an amazing statistics granted that wordpress 2.7 was released 20 hrs ago.

  4. Impressive stats none-the-less. I don’t think I have ever seen WordPress have this many downloads this fast. In fact, I can’t remember this happening in 2 days, but I could be wrong on that statement.

  5. I was one of the 100,000 and I have to say it is great. Once you get used to the new admin panel, it is so much easier to manage and I’m finding my site run just that little bit quicker. Well done to all involved.

  6. We unloaded WP 2.7, unpacked and uploaded in our server.
    That is it all.
    It asked to update database, and it did it fast.
    It works perfectly.
    Nothing to report.
    All plugins are working.

    We took part to the Administrator interface survey.

    WP is now much better then before.
    And it was not bad at all.

    Best compliments to everybody involved!

    Fabio Bulfoni (administrator of FNRmedia)

  7. How the heck can the servers handle that.

    I think it would have been more but many users are prolly afraid to use the one click upgrade because of the expected high traffic; and don’t want to use the manual upgrade until their mind is in it

  8. I got mine… Wait, I got three. I am the using WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, so each blog I updated downloaded a new copy. I am still getting used to the new dashboard/admin screen, but so far I love it. Keep up the GREAT work. WordPress is a tool that I don’t want to have to live without. I could get by, but it would be REALLY HARD.


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