Fresh Shiny

Things that have captured my interest recently.

Currently – Replace Chrome’s new tab screen with time and weather.

Moves – iOS pedometer and movement tracker with nice storyline visualization.

Komodo IDE 8 – Digging the fast open shortcuts, minimap, open files side pane, floating panes, and the visual refresh in this update.

Rdio iOS – The latest update makes an already beautiful UI even more stunning.

Alfred 2 – I use this constantly. Workflows in version 2 make it all the more useful.

Feedly – The upcoming retirement of Google Reader prompted me to finally look for a new feed reader. Feedly looks great and fits my workflow just fine.

Makedo – I had somehow overlooked the existence of this until recently. Fun with cardboard.

Cvault Storage Containers – Sealed, humidity controlled containers.

Mophie PowerStation Duo – This now goes with me whenever I travel.

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