Sriracha, Nooch, and Dill Popcorn

You can use the Sriracha straight up, thinned with lemon, or cut with an oil. The moisture determines how soggy the popcorn will get, so mix to preference. This one used quite a bit of lemon with just a dash of avocado oil. The resulting texture was a tad soggy, but if you like popcorn gone a bit soft under the weight of butter you’ll go for this. It makes for a wonderful mess. After tossing the popcorn with the wet ingredients and interrogating the texture, get crazy with nutritional yeast and dried dill. Throw on some fresh if you got it. This is full of flavor and potential addiction even if you over sog. If you want to see how much popcorn you can eat in one sitting, give this a try. Accept the guilt after the first bowl, but console yourself with knowing that there is no salt or butter (or oil if you’re extra good) on this.

Sriracha, Nooch, Dill Popcorn

One thought on “Sriracha, Nooch, and Dill Popcorn

  1. I’ve tried to do up popcorn this way, but I can never get the herbs and stuff to stick to the popcorn as much as I’d like. I guess I can go for the more soggy route and see what happens.

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