My Workbench

Since so many of us like to peek inside the make spaces of others, here is one of my workbenches. I have five workbenches in my shop. This is my primary bench. Jewelry, electronics, and pretty much any type of detail work happen here. This is the bench I gravitate to when I’m thinking or just busying my hands. It’s where I keep some favorite things.

I save glass bottles. I toss things in them all the time and randomly. Going through them makes me feel like an archeologist. Like so many kids, I wanted to be one of those.

I love small parts bins. I also love small parts. Satisfaction.

My torch has a name. Flame Princess.

I love Jasper, especially Ocean Jasper and Polychrome Jasper.

Yes, that is a Red Swingline.

Nothing like a good piece of hickory.

That big hunk of glowing mineral is a Himalayan rock salt lamp.

And since I just got an RGB LED strip to play with, here are some shots under different colored lighting. I enjoy watching rocks and beads change with the lighting.

2 thoughts on “My Workbench

  1. I just like big chunks of mineral. 🙂 I can’t attest to any health benefits beyond those offered by any object that you find beautiful and captivating. I like to look at it, touch it, and, yes, lick it.

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