Letter to My Representatives on ICE, DACA, and White Supremacists in Law Enforcement

Arresting doctors, professors, combat vets, mothers, and children. Waiting outside schools to pick up parents and their kids. Coming to hospitals to deport the injured and sick—including small children with cerebral palsy. Stalking courthouses to collect women who are reporting domestic abuse. Intercepting ambulances. Surveilling and entering churches. Launching pre-dawn raids on 7-Elevens. Illegally seizing blogs. Committing identity fraud and wire fraud.

ICE is a white supremacist militia operating beyond decency, humanity, and constitutional restraint. Holocaust survivors are likening the culture and behavior of ICE to the SS. When CBP went on a hiring spree during the Bush administration, many white supremacists, Christo-fascists, and criminal opportunists joined. A former head of CBP’s internal affairs lamented publicly on the ethical problems of the agency during the Bush era.

That influx of haters is tame compared to what is happening with ICE now. White nationalists such as 3UP have been infiltrating law enforcement for decades. ICE has rolled out the welcome mat for them. Agents retaining some semblance of ethics are speaking out about the dangerous shift in culture.

Disband ICE. They are a new agency that never should have been. ICE is racist in inception, design, and implementation. What ICE does is neither necessary nor moral.

Down with ICE, up with DACA and dreamers. America overwhelmingly supports the protections offered by DACA. Represent us. We want dreamers, not armed bigots snatching people off the streets and breaking up families.


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