Whither the Blogroll: The RSS Revival, Feedbase, Dynamic OPML Subcriptions, and a Following Page

I recall removing the Links Manager from WordPress back in 2012 amidst snickers about how old school and old fashioned blogrolls were in the age of social media.

Now, folks are bringing it back as part of the RSS revival.

I like the idea of graduating the old sidebar blogroll to a Following page. I started experimenting in that direction. I’m playing with feedbase.io, currently. Here’s my feedbase blogroll—heavy on education, neurodiversity, the social model of disability, and tech ethics.

I’m watching the space with interest. I see both educators and tech workers talking about the possibilities of subscribing to dynamic blogrolls.

This was part of the original vision of RSS. That subscription could be simple, one-button-click, and not just exportable, but dynamic. A huge difference in possibilities.#

So the first step is to fill the database with feeds, and give people a way to subscribe and unsubscribe. To accept OPML files as input too. And to publish a list of subscriptions that is dynamic, that other apps will in turn subscribe to. I’m working with the developers of two new RSS reader apps that will hook into this feed database.

Source: Scripting News: A database of feeds

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