My macOS Keyboard Flow

This lists some of the hotkeys and applications that constitute my core productivity flow on macOS.

My workflow is very plain text and Markdown heavy.

I’m a text and information worker, and these are some of my tools.


HyperKarabiner Elements maps my Caps Lock key to Cmd+Ctl+Opt+Shift. This serves as my Hyper key. It also serves as an escape key when pressed and released (as opposed to using it as a modifier in a chord with other keys). This dual behavior is very useful. Launching with a Hyper key chord and then dismissing with the Hyper key is nice flow. If you have an app or miniwindow that doesn’t dismiss when it’s hotkey is pressed again, try putting it on a dual behavior Hyper key so you don’t have to reach for Escape or Cmd+w.

<KM> – This indicates the keybinding is handled by Keyboard Maestro, a favorite workflow automation tool.






  • Hyper+h, Hyper+v = Paste from HTML <KM>
  • Hyper+u = Clip web browser selection to Ulysses <KM>
  • Hyper+l = Markdown Link from Front Browser, Markdown Link from Selected URL, Markdown Source: Link from Front Browser, Markdown Source: Link from Selected URL <KM>
  • Hyper+c = Copy as Markdown | Copy as HTML | Copy as Rich Text <KM>
  • Hyper+q = Blockquote selected text <KM>


  • Hyper+↑ = Fullscreen document <KM>


  • Hyper+delete = Kill entire line <KM>
  • Ctl+s = Select current line <KM>
  • Hyper+c = Paste selection into last application <KM>
  • Option+esc = Speak selected text


  • Cmd+Ctl+Opt+m = Share task[s] via Messages <KM>


Workspaces & Windows

  • Cmd+tab = SuperTab app switcher
  • Cmd+Ctl+Opt+h = Hide all applications <KM>

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