Sensory Share: Cringemata, Hyper-empathy Paresthesia Beams, and Expressions of Overwhelm

An entry in my personal sensory dictionary is “cringemata”.

Cringemata: cringe + stigmata

A sustained sensation of cringe in the palms and soles alike to being on the edge of a sneeze that never quite comes.

CW: woeful medical context

I am hypersensory to light touch pretty much everywhere. Waves of paresthesia suffuse me. My muscles boil with fasciculations and cramp until they tear. My cringe reflex is hair-triggered and puts me on the floor. I’m a sensory cuttlefish and haywire neurological mess living on Baclofen.

Amidst that soup of sensation, my palms and soles can burst through like beacons. The cringe-sneeze sensation is an insistent tickling that builds to overwhelming without release.

There’s also the palm paresthesia beam sensation. It’s not as overwhelming as the cringe-sneeze and sometimes makes me feel like I’ve developed a mutant power that allows me to beam the hyper-empathy and hyper-sensation I feel out through my palms.

Anyone relate to any of that? Fellow autistics and SPDers, how does your body express overwhelm?

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