My June Blogging

I was preoccupied with navigating our healthcare and education systems in June, so blogging was limited to these four posts touching on that journey.

In the writing queue:

  • Being Legible: Legibility as Social Status, Situational Privilege, and Belonging
  • The Bipartisanship of Behaviorism
  • Ex-libertarian Graybeards for Pluralism
  • Practicing Pluralism: Minority Stress, Harm Reduction, and Triage
  • Electrify Everything: Decarbonization Requires Electrification
  • My Electric Wheelchair

My May Blogging

I spent May sleeping as much as I could while my body tried to tear itself apart with neuromyotonic cramps. During more cogent moments, I managed to publish a few batches of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion related blog posts from my lanes of neurodiversity, disability, and toxic Christianity.

My April Blogging

Another month of diversity, equity, and inclusion blogging from my lanes of neurodiversity, disability, and toxic Christianity, with some music in the mix:

In the works for coming months:

  • Taking Control of the Mask: Unmasking as a Spoiled Identity
  • The Autism Industry and Race Science: Stealing the Credibility of Science to Rationalize and Exploit Prior Bigotries
  • Many thrive on frugal fare, Who would perish of excess: Intense World, Perceptual Capacity, and Solo Polyamory in Promises Like Pie-Crust
  • The Complex Sensory Experiences of Our Neurodivergent Family and the Interconnected Modalities of Stimminess and Sensory Hell
  • This Chronic Bodymind: Separate, Isolate, Bolster, and Squeeze with Pregnancy Pillows and Body Pillows
  • This Chronic Bodymind: Articulate All the Things
  • Platform Capitalism and Predatory Inclusion
  • Accommodations and Emotional Bids in Neurodiverse Relationships
  • My Two Blogs: Managing Publication Anxiety With Digital Caves, Campfires, and Watering Holes
  • Constantly Ruminating Engine of Regret: Social Anxiety, Rejection Sensitivity, and Flashbacks
  • Samefooding the Apocalypse
  • Crip Wisdom in the Age of Coronavirus