Intense Spider XVP

Time for more show and tell. Some have asked about my bikes, so I’ll pick one to highlight. My main XC race bike is an Intense Spider XVP. Specs: Intense Spider XVP virtual pivot point frame, Fox F80RLT fork, Shimano XTR drivetrain, XTR hubs, XTR disc brakes, XTR cockpit, Chris King headset, Race Face stem, Race Face bar, ODI Lock-On grips, Thomson Elite seatpost, WTB Laser V saddle, Mavic X3.1 tubeless wheelset, Hutchinson Python tubeless tires, and Shimano PD-M959 pedals.

My strength is open field sprints, and the VPP suspension provides a great pedaling platform when I’m really mashing on the cranks. It’s very solid with no pedal bob; it’s almost like my hard tail under acceleration. In fact, at the courses where I usually went hard tail, I’ve been using the Spider.

I think this was one of the first six Spider frames off the line, and the first frame delivered to Texas. I was the cool kid at the trailhead for awhile until two other guys in the area got their frames. They got the silver and the black frames though, which aren’t nearly as sexy as the red.

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