WordPress 2.6 Beta 2

Another week, another beta.  New in beta 2:

  • Insert image and edit image fixes
  • SSL fixes
  • i18n fixes
  • Lots of new inline documentation
  • Improved tag auto-suggest
  • TinyMCE 3.1.1 with Opera 9.5 and Safari fixes, proper align = center removal, and improved embeds support
  • jQuery UI 1.5.1

See the full list of changes since beta 2.

Get beta 2.

58 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6 Beta 2

  1. I’m really looking forward to testing out this Beta. I’m an avid user of Opera, and if I can use WordPress without firing up FireFox, I’d absolutely love it 😀

    Thanks for all the work you and the team have put into this!

  2. If you have time, I would like to know from you why since 2.5 a giant number of tickets on trac are assigned to the next version of wordpress?


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  4. Hello just installed wordpress 2.6 beta 2, over wordpress 2.5.1.

    Done the DB upgrade whituout problem, but now I CAN’T login with admin username.

    WP dosn’t accept my password. I have try also with a fresh password, generated by WP, without result 🙁

    Any hints?

  5. Shame that there are still over 700 open tickets! Are you aiming to close those before 2.6 is released :-p

  6. This looks like being a significant improvement over 2.5, with some really good features and much-needed fixes. Thanks for listening to the user feedback and responding in this next release.

  7. Looks great – especially with the post/page revision build right into the core system.

    Constructive feedback: I am having difficulties using any of the Advanced Options sub menus like “Page parent” on the manage pages interface – it just does not seem to react anymore.

    Page revisions is impossible to collapse as well… maybe there is a connection?

    (Similar behavior in FF3 and Safari)

  8. Ale:

    you need to clear the cookies before trying to login…

    Does the “press this” uploads photos to any of you?? To me it doesnt… i wonder if it’s just de RC1 or it’s gonna be like that…

  9. @Ale I wouldn’t advise you to overwrite stable releases with betas.
    Try emailing a ‘lost password’ form to your email address. If that doesn’t work, try an MD5 Hasher. Type in your password, and paste it into the user_pass field in the users table of your database.

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