7 thoughts on “Medication and Recreation in Legal Colorado

  1. I get a good jealous to see that good citizens are able to smoke your weed in the U.S. quietly, and not be stuck or broken down by smoking the herb of the same nature in Brazil.


      • Thanks for the reply 😉 and I have put this one on a wishlist someplace. There used to be a time when those tiny vapo’s didn’t work too well at all (not talking bout the pax here 😉 ) AND they also looked like a contraption for illegal use to the outside world. (anything “alien” is bad right? lol) this one however looks very inconspicuous to use or even see someone with. Not that this matters in places where it’s “legal” but still, less stigma is always better for acceptance with the general public. Either way, enjoy it and keep on blogging n programming n whatever pleases the heart and mind 😉


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