DSISD Mentorship

Our high school is reaching out for mentors. Cool. Any DSISD student is welcome to contact me for help with open source contribution and distributed work mentorship. At WordPress and Automattic, we’ve mentored many high school and college students, helping them ship features to a global audience of millions. Launching is a great feeling that every student should experience.

I’m @rboren on Twitter. DM is open to anyone. Other contact methods are here:


Or they can hit me up @ryan on the WordPress Slack instance, which is open to everyone, everywhere.


Automattic is a distributed company. We work all over the world and make many things. Our two biggest joints are WordPress and Calypso, both open source projects, both welcoming to student contributors.



We have a project-based hiring process.


We hire by audition, not resumes.


We communicate and collaborate exclusively online, with occasional meatspace meetups and Grand Meetups.



This is the future of work for many. Prepare students.


For more on how we do distributed work, project-based hiring, and inclusion.


Stop by a local WordCamp or Meetup for a taste of the culture.



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