Letter to My Representatives on POTUS and Britain First

POTUS again showed his racist xenophobia by retweeting anti-Muslim hate from Britain First. The words “Britain First! Britain First!” were on the lips of the murderer who took the life of British MP Jo Cox. Britain First foments toxic and dangerous resentment. The President of the United States should not be amplifying and legitimizing such hatred. His rhetoric has already resulted in increased violence against Muslims and people of South Asian descent in our country. This latest instance of his prejudiced malice will further stoke violent resentment against my friends, coworkers, and fellow citizens.

Too many Americans don’t feel safe in their own country. Families are forming escape plans as we tick off the boxes toward autocracy and tyranny. The anti-pluralist rule of the GOP is steering a mad descent into an ethical and moral wilderness of violence and hate.

How much further must POTUS descend to convince you he needs to be impeached? How many more must suffer for his racism, misogyny, ableism, and undisciplined carelessness? How low must America sink in the eyes of our once allies? He has abused the bully pulpit and shredded the credibility of his office. This vile and craven man incapable of empathy and sacrifice emboldens the worst amongst us. He is the Nazi POTUS, the child abuser POTUS, the rapist POTUS, the xenophobe POTUS, the Putin and Erdoğan POTUS, and the oligarch POTUS. These are who he courts, amplifies, defends, and represents. Above all, he is the Me Me Me POTUS—in it for his own enrichment and aggrandizement. He’s a wannabe oligarch who resents and undermines our checks and balances and the rule of law.

The President of the United States is the example to our children of how not to behave, of how not to do business, of how not to treat others. He is a cautionary tale and the poisonous distillation of America’s failure to reckon with our pathologies.

Let that reckoning begin now. Impeach this toxic traitor to our laws, norms, and democracy.

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