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Here’s a recap of my education-related reading and writing from September.

My Writing

Suggested Reading

Interesting articles by others:

Behaviorism, Mindset Marketing

Disability, Accessibility, Inclusion

Reading and Writing

The Grading and Ranking of Children

Dress Codes


School Start Time

Ed-tech, Deficit Model Capitalism, Surveillance Capitalism

Tech Ethics

Colonialism, Racism, Structural Ideology, Critical Pedagogy


#CripTheVote chat on education

In the#CripTheVote chat on education, we talked about PBS, growth mindset, and ed’s infatuation with behaviorism. Behaviorism backed by millions in marketing is a growing concern for neurodiversity and disability communities. Among top issues noted in the chat are: ableism (number one with a bullet), the deficit model, behaviorism, mindset marketing, assessment industry, mainstream ed-tech, surveillance, lack of social model. I updated my curation post on Mindset Marketing, Behaviorism, and Deficit Ideology with resources from the chat.

Curated Tweets

Here are curated collections of education related tweets. Each month, I put notable tweets and threads into Twitter Moments. Ed + ed-tech + D&I + tech ethics + social model. These are important intersections.

There are lots of great educators to discover in these collections. “The gospel of the new economy is the transformative power of a diverse, genuine network.” Have a peek at my networks:

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